Notifications Panel and Notifications Tray

NetWitness provides system notifications to advise users about certain actions or conditions:

  • A host upgrade completed.
  • A parser push to decoders completed.
  • A service went down (critical log of a certain type).
  • A visualization completed.
  • A report completed.
  • A newer software version is available.

While you are working in NetWitness, you can view recent system notifications without leaving the area where you are working. You can open a quick view of notifications from the NetWitness toolbar. You can look anytime, but when a new notification is received, the Notifications icon is flagged (netwitness_ic-flaggednotif_19x19.png).

When you are viewing notifications in the Notifications tray, only recent notifications are displayed. You can access all of your notifications from your user Profile and from the Notifications tray by selecting the View All option. Procedures for viewing notifications are provided in Viewing and Deleting Notifications.

Note: In the Analyst UI, the license notifications are not displayed in the notification tray or login window when the license goes out of compliance or when the license expires. This is displayed only on the Admin UI.

What do you want to do?

Role I want to ... Show me how
All View all notifications Viewing and Deleting Notifications
All Delete notifications Viewing and Deleting Notifications

Quick Look

To access the Notifications panel, do one of the following:

  • Click netwitness_ic-notifbell_21x20.png to open the Notifications tray and then click View All in the Notifications tray.
  • In the upper right corner of the NetWitness browser window, select your username and then select > Profile. In the options panel of the Preferences dialog, select Notifications.

    The Notifications panel is displayed.


The Notifications tray shows your recent notifications. It contains a subset of the information in the Notifications panel. The Notifications panel shows all of your notifications. The following table describes the Notifications panel and Notifications tray features.

Feature Description

(Notifications panel only) Displays a drop-down menu where you can delete the selected notification or all of your notifications in the Notifications panel and in the Notifications tray.


The title of the notification, for example, Logs Extraction Complete.

Message The entire message, for example, The log extraction to Investigation is complete and ready for download.
View Some messages include a View link that displays a view where you can take action. For example, if there is a file to download, clicking this link opens the Jobs panel, the view where you can download the file.
Created The date and time the notification was created.
In the Notifications tray, it shows the number of hours or days since the notification was created.
View All (Notification tray only) Opens the Notifications panel, which lists all of your notifications.