(Optional) Register for a ThreatGRID API Key

This topic provides the procedure for obtaining a trial ThreatGRID API key for use in the ThreatGRID Cloud sandbox. Before enabling ThreatGRID as the sandbox service in the sandbox module, a ThreatGRID-supplied Service Key must be configured so that ThreatGRID can recognize that samples submitted from this site are legitimate.

If you do not have a ThreatGRID-supplied Service Key, you can obtain a key using this tab. The key is provided on a trial basis.

When you fill in your user information and click Register, a key is displayed in this tab, and automatically added to the ThreatGRID configuration in the General tab. In a few minutes, you will receive an email from ThreatGRID containing a link to their page where you can log on. After you agree to the license terms on the ThreatGRID page, you can submit files for analysis, and ThreatGRID will recognize files that Malware Analysis submits for sandbox analysis.

To obtain a Trial ThreatGRID API key:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Services.
  2. Select a Malware Analysis service, and select netwitness_ic-actns.png > View > Config.
  3. In the Services Config view, select the ThreatGRID tab.

  4. Enter your full name, job title, organization name, and email address.
  5. In the User Id and Password field, create a user ID and password for logging on to ThreatGRID.
  6. Click Register.

    Your registration is sent to ThreatGRID and an API key is displayed below the Register button. The key is automatically filled in the General tab.

  7. Select the General tab to confirm that the ThreatGRID configuration now includes the API key.


  8. When you receive an email from ThreatGRID with a link where you can log on, log on and accept the terms of the agreement.

    Your trial of ThreatGRID begins and Malware Analysis can send five files per day to the ThreatGRID Cloud for sandbox analysis.