Out-of-Compliance Reference

This topic describes the workflow when your license is out of compliance.


This workflow illustrates the end-to-end licensing process.


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Administrator Register NetWitness Server Obtain License Server ID from NetWitness Platform User Interface


Synchronize NetWitness Server

Register the Server (Online Registration)

Administrator Install product licenses from DLC. Access myRSA


Monitor and update current licenses.

View Current Licenses


Administrator Configure licensing notifications. Configure License Notifications
Administrator *View Out-of-Compliance banners. About Out-of-Compliance Banners

*You can perform this task here.

Note: When throughput devices are under trial period, warning messages will not be displayed unless usage is observed on the corresponding device.

Out-of-Compliance State

The following sample banner is displayed when a license expires:


If your license has internal errors, the following banner is displayed:


In addition to a red banner being displayed during system log on, an Out of Compliance Acknowledgment dialog is also displayed. Click Accept to continue using your NetWitness product.

Licenses may become out-of-compliance due to reasons provided in the following table:

Red Banner Message Possible Causes Solutions
One or more services is not licensed.

Trial license period has expired.

There are pre- services in the deployment that are not licensed.

Contact Sales team to procure a NetWitness license.

Upgrade the services to NetWitness version or later.

One or more licenses is expired.

Log ingestion usage has been observed after the date of renewal. The license is not valid anymore for the corresponding usage.

Contact Sales team to renew or resolve the license.
You have exceeded license usage limits.

If the allotted daily usage is exceeded on four or more occasions, the Grace Period begins. The Grace Period begins on the day of the fourth occurrence and ends at the end of the following calendar month. Seven continuous days of standard usage will end the Grace Period. If the daily allotted usage is still being exceeded at the end of the Grace Period, the 30-day Breach Period begins. Seven continuous days of standard usage will end the Breach Period.

Contact Sales to extend or increase your allotted usage by purchasing a NetWitness license.
Your Trial license has internal errors.

An internal licensing issue was reported during your Out-of-the-Box Trial period.

Contact Technical Support to resolve this issue.

Note: If a license has not been installed within 90 days, you must contact Sales to purchase a NetWitness license.

License Approaching Out-of-Compliance

When your license is approaching expiration, or it is nearing its allotted usage, a yellow banner with a brief description is displayed. A yellow banner is displayed 14 days before your license is due to expire. You will also see a yellow banner if you are approaching your allotted license usage. You can get rid of the yellow banner by clicking the Dismiss button.

The following sample banner is displayed in the NetWitness screen if your license is approaching its allotted usage:


The following table explains the messages that are displayed when you see a yellow banner.

Yellow Banner Message Possible Causes Solutions

You are nearing license usage limits.

One or more Throughput licenses has exceeded your allotted usage for three times during the current calendar month. The fourth time that you exceed your allotted usage during the current month will push the deployment into an Out-of-Compliance state.

Contact RSA Sales if your allotted usage spikes four times within a calendar month.

One or more licenses is expiring.

One or more licenses is due to expire within 14 days.

Log ingestion usage has been observed. The license is not valid anymore for the corresponding usage.

Contact RSA Sales to purchase a new license.