Upgrade Overview

NetWitness provides enhancements and fixes for all products in NetWitness Platform. The instructions in this guide apply to both physical and virtual hosts (including AWS, Azure Public Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform) unless stated to the contrary.

In 11.6, NetWitness has several new features in the user interface.

Note: In 11.5, Administrative tasks are consolidated as icons in the upper right corner to keep administration, configuration, notifications, jobs, and user preferences together.

Upgrade PathsUpgrade Paths

The following upgrade paths are supported for NetWitness

  • NetWitness 11.4.x.x to
  • NetWitness 11.5.x.x to

If you are upgrading from version below 11.4.x.x, you must first upgrade to 11.4.x.x before you upgrade to 11.6.0. For more information, see the Upgrade Guide for RSA NetWitness Platform This guide applies to both physical and virtual hosts (including AWS and Azure Public Cloud).

Running in Mixed Mode

Running in mixed mode occurs when some services are upgraded to the latest version and some services are on older versions. See "Running in Mixed Mode" in the RSA NetWitness Platform Hosts and Services Getting Started Guide for further information.

Note: If you are running Endpoint Log Hybrid in mixed mode, make sure Endpoint Broker is on the same version as one of the Endpoint Servers.

Upgrade Considerations for ESA Hosts

Mixed mode is not supported for ESA hosts in NetWitness version 11.5 and later.

IMPORTANT: The NetWitness server, ESA primary host, and ESA secondary host must all be on the same NetWitness Platform version.

Upgrade Considerations for STIX Custom Feeds

The custom feeds created before version 11.6 are processed automatically. On upgrade, the data sources created for ADHOC, REST and TAXII server and the feeds are pulled automatically. See "Create a STIX Custom Feed" in the RSA NetWitness Platform Live Service Management Guide and "Configure STIX as a Data Source" in the RSA NetWitness Platform Context Hub Configuration Guide for further information.

Upgrade or install Windows Legacy Collection

Refer to the Windows Legacy Collection Guide for NetWitness

Note: After you update or install Windows Legacy Collection, reboot the system to ensure that Log Collection functions correctly.

Feedback on Product Documentation

You can send an email to feedbacknwdocs@netwitness.com to provide feedback on NetWitness documentation.