Live Services Required Procedures

The following workflow describes the basic setup into four steps, which you perform individually.


Configuration Step Description
Create Live Account

Create a Live Account on the Cloud Services Live Registration portal URL:

Set Up Live Services on NetWitness Platform XDR

Set Up Live Services on NetWitness Platform XDR by configuring a connection with the CMS server.

Find and Deploy Live Resources

Search and browse for resources in the Live Search view, and then, deploy the selected resources.

Manage Live Resources

Procedures for administrators to search for, subscribe to, and deploy resources from Live.

Search and Download Content from NetWitness XDR Cloud Services Live

Search and browse for content in the Cloud Services Live, and then, download the selected content.

NetWitness Feedback and Data Sharing

Describes the feedback and data sharing features provided in NetWitness, from Live Services. Participation is optional, but can help to provide useful threat intelligence for the community.