NetWitness Live Registration PortalNetWitness Live Registration Portal

The NetWitness Live Registration Portal is a self-service wizard in which customers can set up a Live account and change or reset the password. A Live account is required to get access to the feeds, parsers, rules, and other content in NetWitness Live library. To access the portal, go to the following URL:



Click Sign Up For Live. The License Agreement page is displayed, once you agree to the Terms and Conditions, click Accept: the fields for setting up an account are displayed. These include Contact Information, and License ID.

The following table lists the contact information section fields and its descriptions:

Parameter Description
First Name Your first name.
Last Name Your last name.
Company The name of your company.
Email The email address where you want to receive notifications related to the Live account.

License ID

This is the License ID on the netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System > Info page.

The license ID on the NetWitness must be valid and must be registered on the Flexera Server. If not, contact NetWitness Customer Support.

Username The username used to sign in to Cloud Services Live account. The username must contain a minimum of four characters and a maximum of 16 characters.
Password The password for the Cloud Services Live account. The password must contain minimum of eight characters and the maximum length is 24, with at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one number, and one special character.