Rules Tab Options Panel

In the Rules tab options panel to the left, you can view ESA rules in the Rule Library and create ESA rule deployments.

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Role I want to ... Show me how
Content Expert View an ESA rule. Add Rules to the Rule Library
Content Expert Create an ESA rule deployment. ESA Rule Deployment Steps

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Quick Look

The following figure shows the options panel in the Rules tab.

There are two sections in the options panel: Rules and Deployments.

Rules Section

The Rules section contains two options. Rule Library is selected by default, and when it's selected, the Rule Library view is displayed within the tab. Get Rules From RSA Live navigates to the Live Search view, where you can search for rules.

Deployments Section

The Deployments section lists ESA rule deployments and indicates whether there are updates to the deployments. From this section, deployments can be added, deleted, edited, and refreshed. Selecting a deployment from the list displays the Deployment panel within the tab. The following table describes the features of this section.

Feature Description
netwitness_iconadddpl..png Displays a drop-down menu from which you can choose to add, edit, or delete an ESA rule deployment. You can also refresh the list of deployments to see if there are any new updates to the list.
netwitness_depupdicon.png Indicates whether there are any updates to the deployment.
netwitness_numrul.png Indicates the number of rules in the deployment.