To deploy your SASE based nodes in GCP, run the following command as root on the NetWitness Admin Server via the command line:

nw-create-cloud-hybrid --enable-cloud-sase




Optional Name of deployment model in template

defaults to pre-defined 'gcp default'


Optional Cloud Service Account Json-based key data path

GCP will default to /root/.gcp/gcp-auth-token.json

This will deploy the nodes defined in the sase-deployment-models.yml file. The default installation will deploy a NetWitness Decoder, Concentrator, and PPN Server Instance and required ancillary resources (vpc, subnetworks, persistent drives, buckets, etc.). The deployed instances will utilize the ‘nw’ namespace by default for their naming convention prefix. i.e., nw-ppn-server, nw-decoder<region><zone>, nw-concentrator<region><zone>.