Schedule a Chart View

In the Schedule a Chart View, you can enable or disable a chart.



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Administrator/ Analyst

Configure Reporting Engine

For more information, see "Configure Reporting Engine" in the Reporting Engine Configuration Guide.

Administrator/ Analyst Configure a chart Configure a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst

Schedule a chart*

Schedule a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst

View a chart

View a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst Test a chart Test a Chart
Administrator/ Analyst Investigate a chart Investigate a Chart
Administrator/ Analyst Manage a chart group and chart Manage a Chart Group and Chart

*You can complete these tasks here.

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Quick View

The following figure shows the Schedule a Chart view.


The Schedule a Chart view includes the following panels:

1 Charts Groups panel
2 Charts toolbar
3 Charts panel

Charts Toolbar

The Charts toolbar allows you to add, modify, delete, duplicate, enable, disable, import and export a chart. You can also set access permissions for charts in a group.


The Charts toolbar includes the following options:

Feature Description
netwitness_add_icon.png Adds a new chart to the Reporting module.
netwitness_delete_icon.png Deletes one or more selected charts.
netwitness_edit.png Edit charts.
netwitness_enable_button.png Enables the selected charts.
netwitness_disable_button.png Disables the selected charts.
netwitness_duplicate_button.png Creates a duplicate copy of the selected chart.
netwitness_options_button.png Provides the following options: Import, Export, Export as Text and Permissions.
View All Charts Displays all the executed charts.

Auto Refresh

Automatically refreshes the charts list.

Charts Panel

The Charts Panel presents all the charts in a tabular or grid format.


The following table lists the columns in the Charts panel and their description.

Feature Description
Enabled netwitness_enable_button.png - The chart is enabled.
netwitness_disable_button.png - The chart is disabled.
Name The name of the chart.
Group The Chart Group to which the chart belongs.
State The state of the chart:
  • Queued
  • Completed
  • Failed
Duration (H:M:S) The time taken to execute the latest chart.
Avg(H:M:S) The average time taken to run the chart.
Max(H:M:S) The maximum time taken to run the chart.
View Chart A hyperlink that redirects to the View a Chart panel.
netwitness_actions_button.png The actions menu has the following options: Enable, Disable, View, Delete, Edit, and Export.