Services Config View - Appliance Service Configuration Tab

The Appliance Service Configuration tab appears in the Services Config view for the Archiver, Broker, Concentrator, IPDB Extractor, Network Decoder, Log Collector, and Log Decoder services.

This topic lists and describes the available configuration parameters for the NetWitness Core Appliance service. The NetWitness Core Appliance service provides hardware monitoring on legacy NetWitness hardware.



What do you want to do?

User Role I want to... Documentation
Administrator set up a host.

Setting Up a Host

Administrator maintain a host. Maintaining Hosts


maintain a service.*

Maintaining Services

Administrator view or modify appliance service parameters.*

See "Services Config View - Appliance Service Configuration Tab" in the Hosts and Services Getting Started Guide for Version 10.xand prior.

Administrator specify how long to retain database records.

See "Configure Data Retention" in the Data Privacy Management Guide.

For information about the Data Retention tab for Archiver, see "Data Retention Tab - Archiver" in the Archiver Configuration Guide.

Administrator edit .xml and .lua files.

Edit Core Service Configuration Files

* You can perform these tasks in the current view.

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Quick Look

This is an example of the Appliance Service Configuration tab for a Broker.


The following list describes the configuration values for this tab.

Name Description of Configuration Value When Changes Take Effect
Compression Compresses a message when it reaches the positive number (in bytes) that you specify. The next time you connect to this service.

Unencrypted listening port.

0 indicates that the port is disabled.

Upon restart of the service.
SSL FIPS Mode One of the parameters you need to enable or disable Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). For detailed instructions, see "Activate or Deactivate FIPS" in the System Maintenance Guide. Upon restart of the service.
SSL Port SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) listening port.
0 indicates that the port is disabled. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
Upon restart of the service.
Stat Update Interval How often (in milliseconds) the system updates statistic nodes for monitoring Health and Wellness. Immediately.
Threads Threads in thread pool required to used to handle requests. The Threads parameter works with the Polling Interval parameter for event and log threads. Immediately.