Services Config View - Collections Tab

The Collections tab for the Workbench service provides a way to manage workbench collections. To access the Collections tab, go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Services > select a Workbench service, select View > Config and select the Collections tab.


These are the basic steps for configuring and managing a Workbench service.


What do you want to do?

Role I want to... Documentation

*Create and restore Workbench collections.

Managing Collections


Administrator *View Workbench logs and collection statistics.

Managing Collections


View configuration information about appliances that are connected to the Workbench service.

Select the Appliance Service Configuration tab. The Appliance Service Configuration tab is the same for all NetWitness services. It provides configuration information about appliances that are connected to the Workbench service.

For information on the Appliance Service Configuration tab, see Appliance Service Configuration Tab in the Host and Services Getting Started Guide.

*You can perform this task here.

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Quick Look

The Collections tab has a toolbar and a panel that lists relevant information about the Workbench collections.

The following figure is an example of the Collections panel.



Status of the Restoration Collection:

  • Resorting Data - Data restoration is in progress.
  • Closed - Data is restored.
  • Opening - Data is being indexed.
  • Ready - Indexing is complete.
  • Closing - Collection is closing.

Name: Name of the file being restored.


Size: Collection size.

4 Data Type: Logs.
5 Date Range: Lists the range of dates when the collection is being restored.
6 Owner: Lists the Collection creator.
7 Date Created: Shows the date when the collection was created.
8 Description: Description of the Restoration collection.
9 Available Storage Indicator: Shows the available disk space, given in gigabytes (GB). The Workbench validates to ensure there is enough available space when attempting to create a restoration collection.


These are the toolbar options.

Parameter Description
netwitness_ic-add.png Creates a new restoration collection.
netwitness_ic-delete.png Deletes the selected Workbench collection.
Open and Close - Refers to the status of the restoration collection. Open - Makes collection available for investigation and reporting.
Close - Makes collection unavailable for investigation and reporting while preserving resources.
netwitness_ic-refresh.png Refreshes the list of Workbench collections.