Services Config View - Files Tab

The Files tab appears in the Services Config view for Archivers, Brokers, Concentrators, Log Decoders, and Network Decoders.

In the Files tab, you can edit service configuration files as text files. The files you can edit vary depending upon the type of service you are configuring. The following files are common to all Core services.

  • The NetWitness file (netwitness)
  • The service index file (index-<service>)
  • The scheduler file (scheduler)
  • The crash reporter file (crashreporter)
  • The feed definitions file (feed-definitions)

In addition, the Decoder has files that configure parsers, feed definitions, and a wireless LAN adapter.

Note: The default values in the configuration files cover most common situations. You may need to edit configuration parameters and values for optional services, such as the crash reporter or scheduler. Do not change these values in the Files tab unless you understand networks and the factors that affect the way services collect and parse data.

More detail on the service configuration parameters is available in the Service Configuration Settings.



What do you want to do?

User Role I want to... Documentation
Administrator set up a host.

Setting Up a Host

Administrator maintain a host. Maintaining Hosts


maintain a service.*

Maintaining Services

Administrator view or modify appliance service parameters.

See "Services Config View - Appliance Service Configuration Tab" in the Hosts and Services Getting Started Guide for Version 10.xand prior.

Administrator specify how long to retain database records.

See "Configure Data Retention" in the Data Privacy Management Guide.

For information about the Data Retention tab for Archiver, see "Data Retention Tab - Archiver" in the Archiver Configuration Guide.

Administrator edit .xml and .lua files.*

Edit Core Service Configuration Files

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Quick Look

This is an example of the Files tab.


Files Tab Toolbar

The Files tab has a toolbar and an edit window. This is an example of the toolbar.


These are the features of the Files tab toolbar.

Feature Description
File drop-down list Displays a list of files that the system is currently using. When you select a file, the text of the file is displayed in the text edit window. In the text window, you can edit the file and save the changes, or create alternate files to use.
Service / Host drop-down list Displays the service type and host. You can open a file from either the service or the host for editing.
netwitness_icon-getbackup.png Retrieves the latest backup of the current file, which can prove useful when you have made changes and want to go back to the previous version of the file. The backup does not replace the current file unless you click Save.
netwitness_icon-push.png Displays a dialog in which you can select services of the same type and push the currently viewed file to the services.
Apply Overwrites the current file and creates a backup file.