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The Decoder and Log Decoder configuration files are visible and editable in the netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Services > Config view > Files tab. "Edit Core Services Configuration Files" in the Hosts and Services Getting Started Guide provides general instructions for editing files. (Go to the NetWitness All Versions Documents page and find NetWitness Platform guides to troubleshoot issues.)

Like other Core services, both the Decoder and Log Decoder have an index file, and may also have a crashreporter, netwitness, and scheduler. The Decoder and Log Decoder index files are named index-decoder-custom.xml and index-logdecoder-custom.xml.

Note: Table-map.xml and table-map-custom.xml are available only for Log Decoders with log content installed.


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Administrator obtain log files from pre-11.0 Log Decoder Obtain Log Files from a Pre-11.0 Log Decoder
Administrator edit files and parsers

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Quick Look

Filename Description
GeoPrivate.ipl This fixed parser takes the IP addresses and converts them to geographical locations. The locations are displayed through the Google Earth display.
feed-definitions.xml Used to create custom feeds, this is the XML schema used by the Decoder to define a feed message when it creates a .feed file.
traffic_flow_options.lua Used to provide directionality information. Update this file with environment-specific internal and external subnets for the Lua parser to create proper directionality in metadata. The parser is described in Content for NetWitness Platform.
search.ini This is the Search Parser configuration file. The Search Parser is a custom parser, used to generate metadata by scanning for pre-defined keywords and regular expressions.
wlan-config.xml This is the wireless LAN configuration file (9/9/2009). This file controls the 802.11 parsers. Its chief purpose is to control decryption of raw 802.11 frames captured by the Decoder.