Upload Feeds Dialog

This topic describes the features of the Upload Feeds dialog in the Services Config view > Feeds tab.

The Upload option in the Services Config view > Feeds tab displays the Upload Feeds Dialog, in which you can manage the uploading of feeds to a Decoder or Log Decoder.

What do you want to do?

User Role I want to... Documentation
Administrator prepare a list of feeds for upload Edit, Upload, or Remove a Feed
Administrator view and delete upload jobs Edit, Upload, or Remove a Feed

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Quick Look

This is an example of the Upload Feeds dialog.


File List

The File list is the place to prepare a list of feeds for uploading. You can add files from a directory structure, and delete files from the list if you decide that you don't want to upload a particular file. When the list is ready, clicking Upload starts the upload process.

Feature Description
netwitness_add.png Opens a view of the directory structure where you can select files to add to the File list.
netwitness_delete.png Deletes the selected files from the File list.
File Name Lists the feed files you have added from a file system in preparation for uploading to a Decoder. When you click Upload, the files listed here are uploaded.

Upload Job List

The Upload Job list provides a view of upload jobs started by clicking Upload.

Feature/Column Description
netwitness_icon-deletetext.png Deletes an upload job.
Progress Displays progress of an upload job.
Start Time Displays the start time of an upload job.
File Name Lists filename of the feed being uploaded.
Status Displays the status of upload job.

Upload Feeds Dialog Buttons

Feature Description
Cancel Closes the Upload Feed dialog.
Upload Starts uploading the feed files listed in the File list. Each feed is listed in a separate row in the Upload job list.