Services Stats View - Chart Stats Tray

In the Services Stats view, the Chart Stats Tray provides a way to customize the monitored statistics for individual services. The Chart Stats Tray lists all available statistics for the service. The number of statistics varies according to the type of service being monitored. Any statistic in the Chart Stats Tray can be displayed in a gauge or a timeline chart. Only statistics for session size, sessions, and packets are viewable in historical timeline charts.



What do you want to do?

User Role I want to... Documentation
Administrator set up a host.

Setting Up a Host

Administrator maintain a host. Maintaining Hosts


maintain a service.

Maintaining Services

Administrator customize the monitored statistics for individual services.* See the System Maintenance Guide.

* You can perform these tasks in the current view.

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Quick Look

The following example shows the Services Stats view for a Network Decoder. The Chart Stats Tray is collapsed.


To view the Chart Stats Tray, click on the netwitness_srvstatchartexp.png to expand the Chart Stats Tray.


The Chart Stats Tray has different statistics for different types of services. In the example above, 132 statistics are available for the Network Decoder. The following table describes features of the Chart Stats Tray.

Feature Description
netwitness_srvstatchartexp.png Click to expand the panel horizontally.
netwitness_srvstatchartcoll.png Click to collapse the panel horizontally.
netwitness_chartstatstraysearch.png Type a search term in the field and press RETURN. Statistics that match are displayed with the matching word highlighted.
netwitness_srvstatchartfirst.png Click to go to the first page.
netwitness_srvstatchartprev.png Click to go to the previous page.
netwitness_srvstatchartpagenum.png Type a page number in the Page field.
netwitness_srvstatchartnxtpage.png Click to go to the next page.
netwitness_srvstatchartlast.png Click to go to the last page.
netwitness_srvstatchartrefsh.png Click to refresh the view.
netwitness_srvstatchartstats.png Displays the range of statistics being displayed. The total number statistics varies by service type.