Services Stats View - Gauges

The Gauges section of the Services Stats view presents statistics in the form of an analog gauge. You can drag any statistic available in the Chart Stats Tray to the Gauges section. The properties of each individual gauge are editable; all gauges have an editable title and some have additional editable properties.



What do you want to do?

User Role I want to... Documentation
Administrator set up a host.

Setting Up a Host

Administrator maintain a host. Maintaining Hosts


maintain a service.

Maintaining Services

Administrator view statistics in the form of an analog gauge.* See the System Maintenance Guide.

* You can perform these tasks in the current view.

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Quick Look

The following figure shows the default gauges in the Services Stats view for a Log Decoder.


The default gauges show these statistics:

  • Process memory use
  • CPU use
  • Maximum process memory use

The controls in the Gauges title bar and in each gauge are the standard dashlet controls. Dashlets are the parts that make up a dashboard.


  • In the Gauges title bar (from left to right), you can collapse/expand, delete a page, add a page, page backward, and page forward.
  • In each gauge, you can edit properties (netwitness_srvstatgaugeedit.png) and delete (netwitness_srvstatgaugedel.png) the gauge.