Set Up System Security

This guide provides information about setting up system-wide security in NetWitness Platform and controlling user access. The system administrator needs to understand system-wide security settings, user accounts, system roles, permissions, and access to services.

This guide contains the following sections:

Setting Up System Security

Setting up system security involves configuring password complexity and other system-level security settings for users to securely log in to NetWitness and to prevent unauthorized user access.

Set Up System Security Workflow

This figure shows the high-level workflow for setting up the system security.


First, you can configure password complexity by setting up password strength by specifying maximum password length, decimals, special characters, and so on. Next, you should change the default administrator passwords. Then you can configure system-level security by adjusting the security settings such as lockout period, maximum login failures, session timeout, idle period, and case-sensitive usernames. You can also configure optional settings for external authentication, PKI authentication, and a customized login banner.

These are the procedures for setting up system security: