Site Requirements and Safety

Make sure that you read this topic thoroughly and observe all warnings and precautions prior to installing or maintaining your NetWitness devices.

Intended Application Uses

This product was evaluated as Information Technology Equipment (ITE) that may be installed in offices, schools, computer rooms, and similar indoor commercial type locations. This device is not intended for any connection to an outdoor type cable.


There are no user‐serviceable components inside of this device. Please contact Customer Care in the event of a malfunction. In a fault condition, high temperatures may arise inside the system causing an alarm signal. In the event of the alarm signal, immediately disconnect the device from the power source and contact Customer Care. Further operation of the device will be unsafe and may cause personal injury or property damage.

Safety Information

Site Selection

The system is designed to operate in a typical office environment. Choose a site that is:

  • Clean, dry, and free of airborne particles (other than normal room dust).
  • Well‐ventilated and away from sources of heat, including direct sunlight and radiators.
  • Away from sources of vibration or physical shock.
  • Isolated from strong electromagnetic fields produced by electrical devices.
  • In regions that are susceptible to electrical storms, we recommend you plug your system into a surge suppressor.
  • Provided with a properly grounded wall outlet.
  • Provided with sufficient space to access the power supply cords, because they serve as the productʹs main power disconnect.

Equipment Handling Practices

Reduce the risk of personal injury or equipment damage by:

  • Conforming to local occupational health and safety requirements when moving and lifting equipment.
  • Using mechanical assistance or other suitable assistance when moving and lifting equipment.
  • Reducing the weight for easier handling by removing any easily detachable components.

Power and Electrical Warnings

Caution: The power button, indicated by the standby power marking, DOES NOT completely turn off the system AC power; 5V standby power is active whenever the system is plugged in. To remove power from system, you must unplug the AC power cord(s) from the wall outlet.

  • Do not attempt to modify or use an AC power cord if it is not the exact type required. A separate AC cord is required for each system power supply.
  • This product contains no user‐serviceable parts. Do not open the system.
  • When replacing a hot‐plug power supply, unplug the power cord to the power supply being replaced before removing it from the server.

Rack Mount Warnings

  • The equipment rack must be anchored to an unmovable support to prevent it from tipping when a server or piece of equipment is extended from it. The equipment rack must be installed according to the rack manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Mounting of the equipment in the rack should be such that a hazardous condition is not achieved due to uneven mechanical loading.
  • Extend only one piece of equipment from the rack at a time.
  • To avoid risk of potential electric shock, a proper safety ground must be implemented for the rack and each piece of equipment installed in it.

Cooling and Air Flow

Installation of the equipment should be such that the amount of air flow required for safe operation of the equipment is not compromised.