Suppressing Notifications

You can suppress notifications for a time period by specifying a suppression policy. For example, you do not want to receive notifications of low-severity alerts during peak hours or weekends. This ensures that notifications are not sent during the selected time period. The notifications triggered during this time period will be sent after the suppression period.

A suppression policy consists of condition that defines the day and time range for suppressing a notification.

Note: You can specify a maximum of seven conditions in the policy.

To suppress alert notification:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Health & Wellness.
  2. Click New Health & Wellness.
  3. In the New Health & Wellness tab, do anyone of the following:
    • Select the alert or alerts for which you want to apply a suppression policy.
    • Select all to apply a suppression policy to all alerts.
    • Filter alerts on suppression applied, monitor name, trigger name, and severity and apply the suppression policy.
  4. Click View Suppression Policy.
    The policy suppression dialog is displayed.
  5. Specify the days and time range during which you want to suppress the notification.

Note: Time range is based on the Time Zone configured in the User Preferences panel as described in "Setting User Preferences" in the Getting Started Guide.

  1. To add an additional suppression policy, click Add condition and repeat step 5.

Note: The maximum number of suppression policy supported for an alert is seven, after which the Add Condition option is disabled.

  1. Click Save.