Register the Server (Online Registration)

In the NetWitness entitlement process, you need to register the NetWitness Server and map the entitlements to the Local License Server (LLS). There are two methods of synchronizing NetWitness with myRSA: online and offline.

Note: By default NetWitness is configured to synchronize with myRSA at regular intervals hence manual synchronization is not required.

  1. On the Sofware/License page, select the Order Location from the drop-down menu. The list of products, sales orders, and purchase orders are filtered and displayed.


  2. Click on a line item, select a version from the drop-down and select the Licenses checkbox.

  3. Click Download.
    The Order Detail page is displayed.

  4. Click Create License Server.


  5. Complete the following fields:

    • Copy or enter (in uppercase letters) the License Server ID in the License Server ID field.
    • In the ID Type drop-down, select ETHERNET (the default value).
    • In the Type drop-down, select Ethernet (the default value).
    • (Optional) In the Alias field, type an alias to your Appliance ID.
  6. Click Create.

    The View Server page is displayed.


  7. Click Map Add-Ons.

    The Map Add-Ons page is displayed.


  8. After you have registered the license server and viewed the license details, you must map the entitlements. For more information, see Map Entitlements .

Note: By default NetWitness host is configured to synchronize with myRSA at regular intervals and also a designated nameserver (DNS). No action is required.

Note: In a multiple NetWitness deployment where the services are connected to both primary and secondary NetWitness hosts and the services are licensed only with the primary NetWitness, a license expiry message is shown for the same services on the secondary NetWitness. You can ignore the message and continue using the product.

Map Entitlements

Mapping entitlements involves choosing the quantity of available entitlements to pull to the NetWitness Server during synchronization.

To map appliance entitlements to the server:

  1. Log in to myRSA.
  2. Click on the SEARCH SERVERS and then click on the License Server ID to view the entitled Server Details.


  3. Click Map Add-Onss.

    The Map Add-Ons page is displayed.


    The Add-On table lists all entitlements that are available for your account. The table has a row for each NetWitness product entitlement, with the following information:

    • Add-On Name: The name of the entitlement; for example, SMC Concentrator or SMC Decoder.
    • Serial Number: The serial number associated with a product.
    • Expiration: For licenses that are not permanent, the expiration information is displayed. The value in this field is a specific date (for example, Oct 6, 2019) or a time range (for example, 90 days). If the value is a time range, the expiration period begins when the add-on is mapped to a server.
    • Available Units in Line Item: The quantity of entitlements currently available for that license. This quantity is the difference between the Total Units and the entitlements that have been mapped to a NetWitness Server for licensing.
    • Total Units in Line Item: The total quantity of entitlements tied to a specific license.
    • Quantity to Add: The number of entitlements for a specific license.
  4. To designate the quantity of entitlements to map to the NetWitness Server from a license, type a quantity in the Units to Configure column.
  5. Click Map Add-Ons.

    The View Server page displays a message indicating that the entitlements were successfully mapped to the NetWitness Server.

    Entitlements are now dedicated and set aside from an accounts pool. The message License Not Generated is displayed in the Status column for each entitlement. The entitlements are not yet full attached to the license server ID until the Download Capability Response link is clicked. Once done, a bin file is downloaded and on a page refresh the Status column will change to License Generated. At this point the license is fully attached to the license server ID and ready for use by NetWitness. The bin file that was downloaded can be manually applied to the NetWitness UI or the user can wait until the License Server checks in to pull the newly applied license to the NetWitness UI. If manually applying the bin file, it will expire within 48 hours of being created. If it expires before applying, simply click the Download Capability Response link for a new file.

  6. (Optional) If you want to add more entitlements, use the Map Add-Ons option.
  7. (Optional) If you want to remove entitlements, use the Remove Add-Ons option.

Now you can synchronize and pull down the mapped entitlements to the NetWitness Server

View Current Licenses

After you have completed the license process, you can view the current licensing status in the NetWitness UI.

Each NetWitness Server is a license server providing capabilities to entitle services connected to it. To make entitlements available for licensing services, the entitlements must be mapped to the Local License Server (LLS) on the NetWitness Server.

Note: If licensing a hybrid system, which has a Concentrator and Decoder on the same appliance, each component must be licensed separately.

View and Manage Licenses

In NetWitness, you can view and manage available licenses.

To view the licenses that are available on this instance of NetWitness:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System.
  2. In the options panel, select Licensing.

    The License Details tab is displayed.


    Each license is listed in the grid by license type. Information includes the status of the license indicated using color-coded circles and the related information.