System Logging - Settings View

The NetWitness Settings view in the System Logging panel configures the size of the log files, the number of backup log files maintained, as well as the default logging levels for the packages within NetWitness. The "Configure Log File Settings" topic in the System Configuration Guide provides detailed procedures.

To access the Settings tab:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System.
  2. In the options panel, select System Logging.

    The System Logging panel opens to the Realtime tab by default.

  3. Click the Settings tab.

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Administrator Configure the size of the Log files See the "Configure Log File Settings" topic in the System Configuration Guide

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1 Displays System Logging Panel
2 Displays Settings Tab
3 Configure Log Settings
4 Configure Packages


The Settings tab has two sections: Log Settings and Package Configuration.

Log Settings

The Log Settings section configures the size of the NetWitness log files and the number of backup logs that NetWitness maintains.

Feature Description
Max Log Size Configures the maximum size in bytes of each log file. The minimum value for this setting is 4096.
Max # Backup Files Specifies how many backup log files are maintained. The minimum value for this setting is 0. When the maximum number of log files is attained, and a new backup file is made, the oldest backup is discarded.

netwitness_11.0checkbox.png Show Error Stack Trace

Displays ERROR, STACK, and TRACE log messages.
Apply Puts the settings into effect immediately for all future logs.

Package Configuration

The Package Configuration section shows the NetWitness packages in a tree structure.

Feature Description
Package tree

Contains all the packages used within NetWitness. You can drill down into the tree to view the log levels of each package.

The root logging level represents the default log level for all packages that are not explicitly set. The root level is set to INFO

Package field The name of the selected package when you select a package in the Package tree.
Log Level If the selected package has a log level explicitly set, the value is displayed in the Log Level field.

netwitness_11.0checkbox_18x18.png Reset recursively

Resets the log recursively.
Apply Puts settings into effect immediately for all future logs.
Reset Resets the selected package to the log level of root.