System Requirements

You can run the NetWitness® UEBA standalone installation as follows:

  • NetWitness Physical Hosts (software running on hardware supplied by NetWitness)

    • Install physical hosts and connect to the network as described in the NetWitness® Platform Hardware Setup Guides and the NetWitness® Platform Physical Host Installation Guide.

    • Set up licensing for NetWitness Platform as described in the NetWitness® Platform Licensing Guide.

  • On-Premises (On-Prem) Virtual Hosts (Software Only provided by NetWitness)

Physical Host Hardware Specifications

You must install the NetWitness UEBA host on the S6 (Dell R640 hardware).




Host Type


Model Dell PowerEdge R640
Processor Type Intel Xeon Gold 6126

Processor Speed


Cache 19.25M Cache

# of Processors


# of Cores 12 Cores per

# of Threads

24 Threads per Processor

Series 6

Hard Drives

Field replaceable

Hot swappable

2 X 1TB NL-SAS 7.2K
4 X 2.4TB SAS 10K

Total - 6 Drives
Slots 0-1: 1TB
Slots 2-5: 2.4TB

Memory 256GB
8 * 32GB RDIMM

Storage Controllers

External PERC H840, Internal PERC H740P

Network Interface Card Intel X710 DP 10Gb DA/SFP+, + 1350 DP 1Gb Ethernet, Network Daughter Card
PSU Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 1100 W AC


4100 BTU/hr (Maximum)

Voltage 100-240 V AC, autoaranging


12 A - 6.5 A

Form Factor

1U, full depth
Weight (approximate)

21.9 kg (48.28 lbs)

Dimensions (approximate)

With bezel: 482.0 mm (18.97 in) [w] x 808.51 mm (31.83 in) [d] x 42.8 mm (1.68 in) [h]Without bezel: 482.0 mm (18.97 in) [w] x 794.67 mm (31.29 in) [d] x 42.8 mm (1.68 in) [h]
Shipping Dimensions

Server boxed for shipping
(includes rail kit)
Height: 30.48 cm (12 inch)
Width: 104.14 cm (41 inch)
Depth: 64.14 cm (25.25 inch)
Weight: 25.85 kg (57 lb)

Throughput / EPS



* NIC Card options are available for swap with on-board daughter card or add on.

Virtual Host Specifications

Following is the recommended system requirements for a UEBA virtual host.

The recommended vCPU specification for UEBA is Intel Xeon CPU @2.59 Ghz.

CPU Memory Reserved Memory Allocation Disk Requirements for /var/netwitness Partition Read IOPS Write IOPS
32 cores 192GB


  • Storage: 1.5 TB

  • Provisioning: Thick



IMPORTANT: The /var/netwitness partition must be mounted on a 1.5 TB Thick-provisioned disk for storage usage.

Note: NetWitness recommends that you only deploy UEBA on a virtual host if your log collection volume is low. If you have a moderate to high log collection volume, NetWitness recommends that you deploy UEBA on the physical host.

Installation Media

Installation media are in the form of OVA packages, which are available for download and installation from Download Central. As part of your order fulfillment, NetWitness gives you access to the OVA.