Task 1. Add New Disk

Get familiar with the NetWitness® Platform Storage Guide to understand the types of drives and volumes needed to support NetWitness instances. For more information, see Storage Guide for NetWitness Platform 11.x

Add New Disk

Add New Disk in VMware ESXi

Add New Disk in Hyper-V

Add New Disk in Nutanix AHV

Add New Disk in VMware ESXi

This procedure shows you how to add a new 100 GB disk on the same datastore.

Note: The procedure to add a disk on different datastore is similar to the procedure shown here.

  1. Shut down the machine, edit Virtual Machine Properties, click Hardware tab, and click Add.


  2. Select Hard Disk as the device type.


  3. Select Create a new virtual disk.


  4. Choose the size of the new disk and where you want to create it (on the same datastore or a different datastore).

    Note: Choose data provisioning based on your requirements


  5. Approve the proposed Virtual Device Node.


    Note: The Virtual Device Node can vary, but it is pertinent to /dev/sdX mappings.

  6. Confirm the settings.


Add New Disk in Hyper-V

  1. Shut down the VM and click Settings and IDE Controller, select the Hard Drive and click Add.


  2. Select the New Virtual Hard disk.


  3. Select VHDX as a disk format.


  4. Select Dynamically expanding as a disk type.


  5. Specify the Name and Location of the virtual hard disk file.


  6. Select create a new blank virtual hard disk and specify the size.


  7. In the Summary, review the settings and click Finish.


Add New Disk in Nutanix AHV

Perform the following steps to add a new disk to your Nutanix AHV VM.

  1. Log in to the Nutanix Prism GUI.
  2. From the drop-down menu, click VM and select the Table view.
  3. Select the VM that you want to add disk to and click Update.
  4. In the Update VM dialog, scroll down to the Disks section and click Add New Disk.

  5. In the Add Disk dialog, do the following:
    1. Select DISK in the Type field and specify other details based on your requirement.
    2. Select Allocate on Storage Container in the Operations field.
    3. Select SCSI as Bus Type.
  6. Click Add.
  7. In the Update VM dialog, click Save.