Test a Chart View

In the Test a Chart view, you can view and test the charts.



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Administrator/ Analyst

Configure Reporting Engine

For more information, see "Configure Reporting Engine" in the Reporting Engine Configuration Guide.

Administrator/ Analyst Configure a chart Configure a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst

Schedule a chart

Schedule a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst

View a chart

View a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst Test a chart* Test a Chart
Administrator/ Analyst Investigate a chart Investigate a Chart
Administrator/ Analyst Manage a chart group and chart Manage a Chart Group and Chart

*You can complete these tasks here.

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Quick View

The following figure is an example with the important features labeled.


The Test a Chart view consists of the following panels:

1 Chart toolbar
2 Chart Output panel
3 Chart Options panel

Chart Toolbar

The Charts toolbar allows you to investigate on a particular chart and change the screen to full screen.

Feature Description
Investigate Investigates further on the selected chart.
Full Screen Displays the chart in full screen.

Chart Output Panel

The Chart Output panel displays the information in a chart format for the selected time chart options.

The following table lists the features in the Test a Chart View and their descriptions.

Feature Description
Display Allows you select the values that needs to be displayed and have the following options: X Axis, Y Axis and Legends.
X Axis Displays the session count.
Y Axis Displays the actual output.
Legends Displays the list of variables appearing in the chart.

Chart Options Panel

The following figure shows the Chart Options panel, which displays the time range, series, and chart type fields to configure the chart display.


The following table lists the fields in the Charts Options panel and the descriptions.

Feature Description
Time Range
The default time range is Last 3 Hours. However, you can select a different value from the drop-down list, for example, Last Hour, or Last 6 Hours which are the preset values. Or you can customize by selecting Last N Days or the Custom option.
From The start date and time. (only for custom options).
To The end date and time. (only for custom options).
The series field provides you with two options:
• Chart Values over Time: Renders the chart for the entire time range selected.
• Chart with Totals: Renders the summary of data for the selected date range.
Items to Plot The maximum number of events the user wants to view on the chart.
Chart Type
The type of chart to be rendered either area, bar, column, line, step line, step area, spline area or spline.