Troubleshoot ODBC Collection

You can troubleshoot problems and monitor ODBC collection by reviewing the ODBC collector log informational, warning, and error messages to during execution of collection.

Each ODBC log messages includes the:

  • Timestamp
  • Category: debug, info, warning, or failure
  • collection method = OdbcCollection
  • ODBC event source type (GOTS-name) = Generic ODBC Type Specification name that you configured for the event source.
  • collection function completed or attempted (for example, [processing])
  • ODBC event source name (DSN-name) = Data Source Name that you configured for the event source.
  • description (for example, how many events the Log Collector collected)
  • tracking ID = the Log Collector position in the target database table.

The following example illustrates the message you would receive upon successful collection of an ODBC event:

2014-July-25 17:21:25 info (OdbcCollection) : [event-source] [processing] [event-source] Published 100 ODBC events: last tracking id: 2014-July-25 13:22:00.280

The following example illustrates a message you may receive upon unsuccessful collection of an ODBC event:

Log Message

timestamp failure (OdbcCollection: [event-source] [processing][event-source-type] Failed during doWork: Unable to prepare statement: state: S0002; error-code:208; description: [RSA] [ODBC-driver][event-source-type]Invalid object name 'object-name'.

Possible Cause

ODBC collection failed while accessing the ODBC Driver or the target database.


Validate the DSN value pairs for the events source.