Upload Data to RSA for Live Feedback

This topic provides instructions for a NetWitness administrator to export the metrics in NetWitness for Live Feedback.

If the Live Account is not configured, you can manually upload the usage data to RSA. For more information, see Live Services Configuration Panel.

The Live Account section has a Live Feedback Activity Log which enables you to download the usage data required for Live Feedback. This is active regardless of the Live Account configuration.

You can first download the Live Feedback historical data, and then upload it to share with RSA.

Download Live Feedback Historical Data

To download the Live Feedback historical data:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System.
  2. In the options panel, select Live Services.

    The Live Account screen is displayed which consists of the RSA Live Status and Download Live Feedback Activity Log.

  3. Click the Live Feedback Activity Log.

    The Live Feedback Activity Log window opens which allows the NetWitness user to download the required Live Feedback historical data.


  4. Select one or multiple entries by setting the checkboxes and click Download.

    Note: If you select multiple entries in the history table, the downloaded zip file consists of an individual JSON file for each month. ​

The downloaded Live Feedback data is in ​JSON format, and is bundled as a .zip file. For more information, see Live Feedback Overview.

Share Data with NetWitness

After you download the Live Feedback data, you can then upload it using the following procedure.

- To download the Live Feedback data, see topic Download Live Feedback Historical Data.
- You can share data using the new live registration portal. For more information, Create Live Account.

To share the data to NetWitness:

  1. Log in to the NetWitness XDR Cloud Services using your credentials.
  2. Click netwitness_live_ui_telemetry_38x31.png on the left panel.

    The Telemetry Logs dialog is displayed.


    - You can upload only .zip files.
    - Filename must be 255 characters or less and file size must be less than 128 MB.

  3. Click or drag-and-drop a file onto this area to upload.