Users Tab

The Users tab in the Admin Security view allows you to set up user accounts. Each NetWitness user must have a user account. In the Users tab, you can create, edit, delete, enable, disable, and unlock a user account.



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Admin Set up a new user

Set Up Users

Admin Manage user accounts

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Quick Look

To access this view, go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Security. The Security view displayed with Users tab open.


The Users tab includes the following panels.

1 Users toolbar
2 Users list

Users Toolbar

The following table describes the Users toolbar.

Feature Description
netwitness_icon_add.png Opens the Add User dialog.
netwitness_icon_delete.png Deletes the selected user.
netwitness_icon_edit.png Opens the Edit User dialog for the selected user.
netwitness_enableicon.png Enables a disabled user account with all user preferences intact.
netwitness_disableicon.png Blocks user access without deleting user preferences so that upon re-enabling users, user preferences are intact.
Reset Password Opens the Reset Password dialog, which enables you to change the password of the selected user. This dialog lists the password format requirements necessary to change the password and allows you to force the user to change their password on the next login.
netwitness_unlockicon.png Unlock Unlocks a user account that has been locked due to too many failed login attempts.

Users List

The following table describes the columns in the Users list.

Column Description
netwitness_icon_clock.png If this icon appears in a user row, it indicates that the user password has expired.
Username Username to log on to NetWitness.
Name Name of the user to whom the account belongs.
Email Address Email address of the user.
Roles Role assigned to the user.
Authentication Type Authentication method, which could be external by Active Directory or PAM or internal by NetWitness.
Description Description of the user account.