You can view deployments in the following ways:

  • Using the ESA Deployments tab. The ESA Deployments tab provides a consolidated view of all the available deployments within CCM. You can create, edit, remove, and pause deployments.

  • Using a specific policy. In this method, you cannot view other deployments. You must go to each policy to create, edit, remove, and pause a deployment.

    To view all deployments using the ESA Deployments tab

    1. Go to Configure.png (CONFIGURE) > Policies > Content.

    1. Under Settings, click Event Stream Analysis > ESA Deployments.

    The available deployments are displayed.


    Note: Any changes made, like add/edit/delete to rules, notifications, and enrichments on the ESA Rules page for deployments, are displayed in the Updates section of the ESA Deployments view.

    IMPORTANT: Any changes required for rule configurations must be made on the ESA Rules page only.


    To view a deployment from a selected policy

    1. Go to Configure.png (CONFIGURE) > Policies.

    1. In the policies panel, click Content.

    The available policies are displayed.

    1. Click a Policy.

    The selected policy view is displayed, and the Application Rule is default selected.

    1. Click Event Stream Analysis Rule > Deployments.

    The available deployments for the selected policy are displayed.

    Caution: An icon 121_Cautionicon3_1222.png in the deployments view indicates services require deployments. Publish policy will fail for correlation servers. You may need to create deployments for such services if required.