View a Report Panel

The View a Report panel is used to review the reports.


This workflow shows the procedure view a report or list of all reports.


What do you want to do?

Role I want to ... Show me how
Administrator / Analyst

Configure Reporting Engine

For more information, see "Step 3: Configure Reporting Engine Data Sources" topic in the Reporting Engine Configuration Guide

Administrator / Analyst Create a List or List Group/Create or Deploy a Rule/Test a Rule Configure a Rule

Administrator / Analyst

Create and Schedule a Report

Create and Schedule a Report

Administrator / Analyst View a report or list of all reports* View a Report
Administrator / Analyst Investigate a Report Investigate a Report
Administrator / Analyst Manage/Access Control for lists, Rules or Reports Manage Lists, Rules or Reports

*You can complete these tasks here.

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Quick View


To access this view:

  1. Go to Reports.

    The Manage tab is displayed.

  2. Click Reports.

    The Report view is displayed.

  3. In the Reports panel, do one of the following:

    • Click netwitness_110_report_list_options.png >View Scheduled Reports.

    • Click the #Schedules column.

      The Report Schedule view is displayed.

  4. Click View.


The View a Report panel has the following sections.

1 Reports Toolbar
2 Reports Output panel

Reports Calendar panel

4 Reports Time panel

Reports Toolbar

The Reports toolbar allows you to print, save, email, and view reports on full screen.

Note: The Reporting Engine is responsible for generating PDF and CSV output of the reports based on the report definition. The size of the PDF files for a report must not exceed 50,000 cells.


The following table lists the options in the Reports toolbar.

Operation Description

Prints the generated report.


Saves the report as a PDF and a CSV file.

Note: The Save As PDF option is not available for a large report. If you are generating a PDF for a report and it takes a longer time than expected, you get a warning message stating PDF generation is in progress, please try after some time.

When you click download as a CSV file, the Select Rule to download dialog is displayed. You must select a rule from this dialog to download the rule result in a CSV file.

If the file generation takes a while, you can click on the Notify me option to be notified once the PDF or CSV is generated. Once the PDF or CSV is generated, you can view the Notifications for the status.

netwitness_110_report_email.png Emails the report with the PDF or CSV attachment.
netwitness_110_openinnew.png Opens the generated report on a new window.

Reports Output View

The Reports Output panel view the report with the report schedule name, report generated time and the actual report with the selected rule variables.


Feature Description
Name This field displays the name of the scheduled report.


This field displays the time when the report is generated.
Report This field displays the details report with the selected rule variables.

Reports Calendar View

The Reports Calendar view is used to select a date from the Calendar. Based on the date you select, the list of successfully run reports for the date is displayed.


Reports Time View

The Reports Time view displays the time when the report was actually run.


When you click View on the scheduled report having Iterative selected, the Sub Reports panel is displayed. For each value in the configured list a report is generated.


The following table lists the columns in the Sub Reports panel.

Column Description
Values The List values chosen for a dynamic variable from the List Selection panel.

Indicates the state of the scheduled report for each of the list values.

  • Partial: If in a report with several rules, a single rule execution failed or an output action failed or creation of PDF/CSV failed, the state of the report is displayed as partial. For example, consider a report with five rules and four rules are executed successfully and one fails, then the state is displayed as Partial.
  • Failed: If in a report with several rules, all the rule executions failed, the state of the report is displayed as failed.
  • Completed: If a report is successfully executed, the state of the report is displayed as completed.

Clicking on any of the report schedules or sub reports listed and then View displays the desired report.

Note: You can view the completed rules on the View a Report page even when the report is 'running'.