Viewing Event Source Alarms

This topic describes how to view alarms for your event source groups. After you have configured and set alerts, you can view all of the generated alarms in the Alarms tab of the Event Sources view.

Sort the Alarms Information

When you first access this view, the data is sorted by most recent alarm (the Alarmed time column). You can sort by any column.

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Event Sources.
  2. Mouse over a column that you want to sort.
  3. Click the Select the Alarms tab.
  4. Mouse over the column that you want sorted, and click the netwitness_ic-down_15x13.png icon.

    This is an example when you mouse over the Alarm column.


  5. Select either Sort Ascending or Sort Descending to sort the column in the way you wish.

    The data is sorted across all pages.

Note: You can also sort by two columns. To do this, first sort by the secondary column, then sort by the primary column. For example, if you want to see all the HIGH alarms by their group order, first sort on Group, then sort on Alarm.

Filter Alarms by Type

You can also filter the alarms by their type: you can display only the Manual or Automatic (baseline) alarms. To filter by alarm type, select the filter icon on the right side of screen, in the heading area: netwitness_filtericon.png

Select either Automatic or Manual:

  • If you select Automatic, only the alerts based on baselines are displayed.
  • If you select Manual, only the alarms for which you have set thresholds are displayed.