Viewing Help in the Application

There are different ways available to get help while using NetWitness. You can use inline help, tooltips, and online help links.

View Inline Help

Inline help provides additional information about what to do in sections or fields that you are currently viewing in the NetWitness user interface. To display inline help, hover over netwitness_ic-inline_help_26x22.png. The inline help shows a brief description of the element.

Inline help example:


View Tooltips

Tooltips are a quick way for you to see a description of the text or additional information about an action, field, or parameter. Tooltips appear as underlined text. To display the tooltip and see a brief description of the term, hover over the underlined text.

Tooltip example:


View Online Help

Online help links take you outside of NetWitness to the NetWitness Community online documentation. This site has a complete documentation set for NetWitness, and the links take you directly to the topic that describes the part of the user interface currently in view.

To view the online help topic for the current location, click netwitness_ic-helpicon.png in the NetWitness toobar or in a dialog. The relevant help topic is displayed in a separate browser window. The topic describes the features and functions of the current view or dialog. From that topic, you can quickly navigate to the related procedures.

The following figure is an example of the online help icon in the NetWitness toobar.